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Welcome to Fantasy House Cleaners, sexy maid service. Do you need a beautiful and sexy maid that will clean your Home, Office or Car? Or maybe you need one of the girls of FHC to add a little something to that next party you will be having?

Then you need one of our sexy & fun Fantasy Maids that you can enjoy looking at cleaning the very things that you worked so hard for.

We guarantee our Maids will take your cleaning and party needs to a new seductive and tantalizing
experience because you deserve the best out of life's finest pleasures!

Our superior services include all aspects of clean housekeeping, organization, stimulating conversation and the highest level of personal assistance to only the most selective clientele. We provide you with reasonable rates and flexible scheduling, which is available 7 days a week, depending on your location.

Keep in mind that we are not an escort agency and we actually clean your home! All services are provided for your viewing pleasure while your home or office is professionally cleaned.

Our maids will perform these cleaning services in a fun, sexy and flirtatous manner and will do their best to make sure that you enjoy the experience!

You work very hard for your money and the last thing you want to do after a long day is do the mornings dishes, vacuum the daily dust and wipe down those dirty surfaces. A better way to unwind, would be to call on Fantasy House Cleaning and let one of our beautiful and friendly maids lighten up your day and tidy up your space!

If you are tired of coming home alone and living the same old dull life day after day, why not change it up and have a sexy maid visit your home and spruce things up a bit. You'll finally have someone to talk to and she'll add a smile to your face!

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