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Fantasy House Cleaners is one of the hottest & sexiest new cleaning services that has hit Cities across the country. Our Fantasy Maids are some of the most beautiful down to earth women you will have the pleasure of meeting. Why pay a regular maid when you can have one of our beautiful Maids for a few dollars more.

All our maids take the time to make sure all your cleaning & entertaining needs are taken care of. But we also entertain you like no other maid service could or dare.

For discretionary purposes, we ask that you provide the cleaning equipment and products. If this poses a problem, we can bring them for an additional charge, but this request must be made when booking the appointment.

Our maids do not touch, strip, or do anything a regular boring (yawn) house cleaner wouldn't do, however special requests will be considered. (You are not allowed to touch or disrespect the maids).

Tell us what it is you desire to be done and we will provide you with the fantasy:

Let a few of our FINEST GIRLS host your next cocktail party, business event, sports party, bachelor party, blow out
your birthday candles or even deal cards at your next poker get together with the guys.

What are you waiting for?

See what you've been missing let us send a Fantasy Maid to do your dirty work!



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