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Q: Is this an escort or massage service?
A: NO, this is a professional cleaning service with a twist. No sex or massage is involved.

Q: Will you do more than clean for me, will you do anything I ask?
A: Maid will clean, serve, and entertain. Maid reserves the right to refuse any request that may seem offensive, rude, awkward, insulting, embarrissing, illegal, or harmful. Maid will be friendly, fun, social, considerate, and will do as much as she can to please your needs.

Q: Can I pleasure myself while I watch?
Please do not suggest it or do it, this will only make the girl very unconfortable and leave.

Q: Can I touch, or take photos or videos?
A: No, this is not allowed and if violated, your cleaning will be terminated with no refund.

Q: Will you actually clean my house or is this more of a novelty?
A: Yes, Maid will actually professionally clean your house.

Q: Do you accept credit cards or personal checks?
A: No creditcards or personal checks

Q: Do you offer weekly or bi-weekly discounts?
A: Yes after your first cleaning if you want to make this weekly or bi-weekly, a discount can be negotiated.

Q: I've never done this before, what actually happens?
A: Maid will arrive at your home or office wearing everyday clothes. Her Maid outfit will be in a bag with supplies if not provided. You'll show her a room where Maid can get dressed alone, pay the appointment fee, show her where everything is and make any special requests. The Maid will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.



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